Pssst...have you heard? Baby Love, Omaha's Only Baby Fair is supported by some AMAZING baby businesses...a special thanks to these folks who are coming together to offer their services and knowledge to make your baby's birth-day and beyond as memorable as possible! Head to their sections to learn what they offer!


CHI HEALTH: Baby Bump Bootcamp

Naked, newly delivered baby, placed gently on mom's bare chest? Check! Warm blanket placed on top, making a cocoon for an hour of awakening and bonding? Check! Baby's heart rate, temperature, breathing regulated? Check! Bonding, and baby is BREASTFEEDING ON HIS OWN? You betcha! Join the team from CHI Health to learn how important and amazing this first hour after baby is born truly is at the Sacred Hour of Mommy Power! Stop by to learn how to establish breastfeeding within the first hour of birth, learn about options for delivering with a midwife at CHI Health, talk with a CHI Health pediatrician, learn how to swaddle and bathe your newborn!




So much they offer and SO LITTLE TIME! Join Hy-Vee the day of the event to learn all about how to make your Baby Food at the Healthy Homemade Baby Food 101  stage show and check out their amazing cake decorating skills. Be sure to stop by their booth and see all Hy-Vee has to care for and celebrate your baby.  Not just a grocery store, Hy-Vee offers amazing activities, education, and services to better the health of families in Omaha.





Feed a fever and starve a cold? Or is it - starve a cold and feed a fever?  Your baby’s health is too important to take chances. That’s why you deserve primary care providers who treat illnesses and injuries when you need it most. Nebraska Medicine has fourImmediate Care Clinics offering after hours care to children 6 months and older and adults. Visits to Immediate Care Clinics are not only easily accessible, they also cost the same as a regular office visit at one of our standard primary care clinics.

Immediate Care Clinics are part of our expanded primary care services at Nebraska Medicine. We have over 150 primary care physicians at 13 locations.  In addition our conveniently located Primary Care and Immediate Care Clinics, our women’s services clinic, Olson Center for Women’s Health has more than one location offering the same quality care: Village Pointe and Midtown.

During the event, Nebraska Medicine will give advice to moms and dads on pregnancy care, delivery options, immunizations, and review when to take your child to the ER vs. Immediate Care.




Always wanted to get one of those adorable pics of your blossoming belly but haven't had the time to book it yet? Well slap on some makeup, style that lovely hair, throw on your cutest maternity outfit and head over to our FEATURED Maternity Photographer, MAK Images Photography to get a professionally posed pic of your pregnant paunch to remember this amazing time in your life. 

There will be a mini studio set up to help you be as comfortable as if you were sitting in your own living room...but without the pressure of picking up before your big shoot!



 NEST - Nebraska's 529 Savings Plan

That little bundle of joy is going to get started RIGHT by the folks at NEST, Nebraska's 529 Savings Plan! College is EXPENSIVE, but a NEST 529 PLAN account could be the way to help assist your little one’s dream of going to a university, community college or trade school someday. Visit NEST's booth at the baby fair to learn more.


Kindred Hearts Omaha

Kindred Hearts is a collaboration of pregnancy, birth and postpartum professionals founded on community and committed to kindness, connection and excellence. The founding partners realize that by pooling their experience, skill and passion, they better support families with a much greater reach than the sum of their parts.  Through monthly Birth Circle gatherings and a private on-line forum, clients have a supportive space that fosters a deeper connection with each other and their doulas that continues into the postpartum period. These opportunities allow for learning and connection beyond prenatal meetings.

They invite you to their Birth Circle: Pregnancy and labor services to support and enhance your beautiful journey to baby - Beyond Belly: Postpartum support to navigate the nuances of a transitioning family with a new baby - Childbirth Education: A diverse selection of educational options to enrich families and professionals - C.A.R.E. Project: Through the C.A.R.E. project, Kindred Hearts Omaha offers pregnancy and labor support without fees for military families with deployed partners and for pregnant teens.