Bringing mamas and care givers everything "baby" since 2011

Baby Safety Sanctuary where families learn car seat safety, infant CPR, and how to set up a safe nurseryWe are thrilled to be host our 20th Baby Love, Omaha's Only Baby since we began back in July of 2011. We have continually been humbled by the amazing response from the moms, moms-to-be, partners and their families in our community who are hungry for the services and information we have worked hard to provide at our event. It has been a joy seeing parents come on average to 3 shows through all phases of pregnancy and after the birth or adoption of their babies. 

As a life long Omahan and a "retired" childbirth educator, doula, and most importantly, a mom of 5, my creation of the Baby Fair was an to attempt to show the families in our community all of the amazing options available when it comes to your bodies, your birth and your babies, all while experiencing a joyful day that truly celebrates your role as “mommy.” Growing AND parenting a little one can be overwhelming and it is my goal to offer other women information to achieve the healthiest and most rewarding birth and parenting journey possible.

In a city full of amazing resources, we knew that this event would allow us to partner with the best pregnancy and baby businesses, all of which have similar goals, for a day of fun, laughter and learning! 


Kristi Wilson 


"I am sitting in line witnessing great conversations between first time expecting moms, a mom with her expecting daughter, strangers who have a baby bump in common. It's a beautiful thing! - Johanna F's Facebook message while waiting in line of 1000 for Swag Bags


"Eric and I have gone to this 2 times and have enjoyed it each time. You get free stuff just for being pregnant :)  We should go (or you and Scott lol)" - Kristi S inviting her expecting friend through Facebook


"My daughter and I had a great time. This was a first for both of us, and there was so much to see and learn.. And to top it off she won Most deserving mother to be....so exciting...." - Tracie B Grandma and attendee posting her experience on Facebook